Monday, January 20, 2014

365 Days of Gratitude

So, somewhere in my internet wanderings at the first of the year 
I came across something that tied in with what I have been thinking about for awhile now. 
Taking time to consciously think of at least one thing daily -
 large or small- for which I am grateful. 

(The above tile is a daily reminder I made at the November Super Saturday.)
The woman whose site I went to had been struggling with depression 
and her counselor, a nun, suggested that she keep a daily gratitude journal. 
As she was a photographer she went from written daily entries to visual entries with little captions. 
I decided that I would like to do a photo thing - cause I tend to get too wordy
(I know shocking, right?)
With that in mind I decided that Instagram would be an option for daily visual documentation
-even though I had never used it before.
 And so I started oh yet another internet application....
(translation "time vacuum" - mom would not approve of me using the word "suck").
I know that not all of the 4 people who occasionally check my blog are on instagram
 - and believe me my posts are NOT worth getting onto Instagram for- 
and because I made a goal to post at least once a month on the blog this year.
 I am going to "share" a couple of my favorite images so far about gratitude.
(See what I mean about that wordy business.)

This is my sweet handmade berry bowl I got for Christmas.
You put the berries in the bowl - rinse and set on the little saucer

and the water drips out and you have lovely room temp berries
which are much more flavorful than straight from the fridge.
I use it almost every day.
I eat a LOT of berries.

Three of the four cool prints from Ty& Angel that Angel's aunt made .
In case you can't tell they are of kitchen items

a mixer, grater and salt/pepper shakers.

 My headset that allows me to talk hands free.

Sweet old lady, elastic waist pants I got because I can't do buttons and zippers
til I get rid of my doodled cast.
 50th birthday sign I made for a friend at work.
(You can taunt someone younger when you're 60 right?)

"Part" of my colored pen collection.

I think the one I am most excited about I posted today with the help of Celiac.

(The above image would be the movie trailer.)
It is a stop action video about the perils missionaries face.

The video is pretty graphic - so viewer beware.
Hopefully the link below will allow you to actually view the masterpiece in all it's technicolor glory.
So, today I learned how to take screen shots,
share multiple images from my ipad in one email 
AND create a video in Instagram.
Pretty much technology overload and now I'm gonna need to have a little lie down.

Film credits:
Tyson : missionary Lego man and gingerbread house
Kelsey: Giant missionary mangling ceramic legoman
Celiac: technical assistance
Your checks are in the mail.


Miste Chandler said...

Love the Instragram video. Couldn't leave a comment there since I am not an Instagram member. I can't get involved with any more electronic programs...already spend too much time on the ones I am on! Love your post too. Funny we should both be focusing gratitude this year. I am also working on kindness.

Drew and Alicia said...

I like your resolution to blog more. Looking forward to the posts!

jo said...

I love that idea! So much to be appreciated in our lives :)

My goal is to do an act of service once a week...This week, I took dinner into a neighbor who had a baby the first of January..she isn't a member of the church and I don't think anybody has ever offered her that! Last week, I wrote a note to my children's principal...So, we'll see how this goes :)