Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year- New Post

3 months...
 a "bit" of a break.
In my defense I have been a "bit" busier than usual.
Increased duties as department chair, 
extra classes and no prep starting second trimester...
But, a new resolve to start fresh 
and not make the posts such marathon events. 

Rather than try to catch up for those missing three months,
for which I DO have plenty of photos and things that happened-
I am opting to start from where I'm at.
Which happens to be in Tucson AZ.
A trip Chuck provided for my birthday so I could visit and spend
 time in warmer climes after surgery.

The following photos are courtesy of Celiac.

Because   DID pack my camera well in advance.
But... took it out to document "something" just before I left .

well...thanks for the photos Celiac!
(Her photos are much nicer than mine anyway.)
This butterfly was called the blue owl  - or something like that.
They have a lovely blue interior but are reluctant to leave it open long enough to photograph.

Sweet tiny blue froggie.
All of these are from the last day of 2013 at the Botanical Gardens. 

They have a really cool, 
no, nice butterfly garden from October to end of March.

Can't say cool, because it was super warm and moist in there.

So moist that they have some very lovely orchids.
(And she had trouble taking photos cause her camera fogged up).

As well as beautiful butterflies.
(this particular type was super hard to photo it moved so much).
Spotted orchids 

Giant Hibiscus. 
There were other cacti and desert displays as well.

These are baby toes and are from Africa.

There were a lot of fun decorative elements as well.

Some pretty cool quartz rocks Chuck would have liked.

A cool water fountain that was cast from an actual plant.
(which are sideways and I don't know how to turn them on this computer).

This is the waterpower from a really fun model train set up 
that I know a couple of boys would have loved to watch.
In fact Celiac was kind enough to test out her new camera skills and take some video footage,
which she then spliced and made into a youtube clip complete with train sounds and a lively song.
(If you're interested in seeing it -let me know and I'll send you the link :0)

Let's conclude with a few random shots...
Clever display for the kids craft section.

Giant Agave with old lady in tie dye attire.

Vibrant crystal growth? on copper.

Cool printed area left on the underside of the agave leaves from where they separate.

Some pods that Miss Chloe would love.
A dinosaure in front of petrified rock that Dom would love.

Crazy lady in the butterfly photo op. 

So grateful to Celiac for putting up with me as I recoup from my wrist surgery.


Miste Chandler said...

Beautiful photos. How fun.

The Desiree said...

Gorgeous! I am glad you got to go see her. I love sister time. Don't get it enough around here!
I just glanced at he picture of you in the hat sitting down and thought it was a picture of grandma. Never realized how much you looked like her before(:

fat celiac said...

The photos look better on your blog.

It was great to have you here. How many consecutive days can you eat the same pot of soup? I don't think we have found the maximum yet.

Drew and Alicia said...

Beautiful pics and trip!