Monday, February 03, 2014

Look Ma! No Hand!

  Got my cast off today!!!
 And yes,
it IS weird... 
It's all skinny and flaky.
 And looks a bit red and angry. 
But, honestly doesn't really hurt 
unless I try to do too much with it. 

I made a little diagram showing what the dr. did...
it's actually pretty genius and in a couple months 
I should be better than new.

In the meantime, I wear this little brace 
and do a series of exercises and 
physical therapy till it gets stronger and stronger.
(like the little engine that could).

The cool thing is - 
I can wash my hair and hands now!
It's the little things that make all the difference.


Miste Chandler said...

Cool! So glad it is doing better. Hope it continues to get better & better every day!

fat celiac said...

Thanks for the more detailed diagram and pics. All this time I thought you had an incision from mid arm up to your thumb! So this in fact, looks far less daunting than I had imagined.

Keep up those hand squeezes!

fat celiac said...

AND..... your cast looks surprisingly like a contemporary funky teapot.