Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pres Day Getaway

We decided to make a break for some warmer weather over Presidents Day weekend.
We started out Thrusday night right after work and went as far as Tyson's and Angel's where Lincoln was more than willing to entertain us with his dancing skills for the evening.
(I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of him- grandma is falling behind on the job.)

Friday morning we headed south and by early afternoon we were walking along the Virgin river in St. George. It felt so good we just kept on walking, even though we hadn't put on our good hiking shoes.
I don't have any photos of that because we were just going on a "short" walk. 
Nine miles, and several blistered feet later we got back to the car.
We spent the night in Cedar City because there were no rooms otherwise. 
Saturday morning we drove into Zions where we had a room at the lodge right in the park.
We went for a shorter hike (remember those blisters?)
We headed over the same bridge we went on last year, 
but it looks a lot different without the lovely snow.

We walked for about 5 miles total and saw the Patriarchs and some other "unnamed" cliffs.
I think I liked the lovely contrast last year with the snow and orange cliffs,
but I definitely enjoyed the warmer, less soggy ground we hiked on.

We saw evidence of turkeys and this cool leaf skeleton.

It is definitely desert country as evidenced by the plethora of cacti.

Though there was water to be found as well. 
This was right by the spot where we decided our feet had had enough 
and we started back to the lodge.

But we did go up to the Emerald Pools before that. 
It was a bit of a letdown after last year.
Without the snow and the lovely light it was kinda plain, 
and the trail was closed...not sure why, 
because last year it was snow covered and a lot more treacherous.
This is the view from the front of the lodge.

And the view from our little deck off the back 

Here is Charles testing out the rocker on the deck.

And this was the view from the deck. 

One of us must be a turkey magnet.

Next morning we set out early to hike to Angel's landing from the lodge.
 Here's the long and winding trail up the side of the mountain.

The infamous Walter's Wiggles some 30plus steep switchbacks before arriving at Scout Lookout.

And it DOES have some spectacular views out there!

We sat and pondered whether we wanted to take on the rest of the hike to Angel's landing. 

As you can see it is pretty steep and much of it is done hanging on to chains bolted into the cliffs.
I convinced Chuck we should at least give it a go.
We made it up and over the first peak and onto a resting/lookout spot.
 That steep ridge right behind me is the rest of the trail to Angel's landing.
After talking to some hikers on their way down and finding out it was icy and treacherous.
We opted to call it good and headed back.
Over the bridge...

And back to Idaho.
 to the land of ice and snow.
 We did our laundry... 
and headed back to work.
Have I mentioned that I am addicted to air dried clothes?
Yes, even in the winter.

 And on a parting note...
here are some images of a bag I did for a friends birthday
 while driving to and from our little getaway.


fat celiac said...

9 Miles is a SHORT hike? Yikes.

It looks like a beautiful get away in spite of the missing snow from last year.
I love that last shot of Chuck... despondent over the return to Idaho no doubt?

Whoever D is that gets the bag is a lucky cus. Lovely!
I think I need to buy stock in Sharpies.

Miste Chandler said...

You guys make me feel positively lazy. We have so many hiking places around here and we NEVER go. Sad. Looks like it was a nice getaway though. Poor Chuck. I think I would be a little sad to return to that much snow myself. It's pretty but only for a day or two.
Wondering if I can convince you to "doodle" some bags for my two Scrabble buddies???? (another M and P) Have been enjoying our Facebook Scrabble matches!

the sheldons said...

Aunt Karen, I know I'm a big lame and almost never comment because I'm too lazy to sign in (wow, even typing that makes me feel stuuuuupid) to google to do it. But alas, here I am signed in and commenting because I wanted to tell you that I love reading all your posts. I love the pictures you take and I love your zest for nature. And could you please pass some of that drawing talent you have over this way please?
All I'm trying to say is that you're pretty much awesome and you better never quit blogging.