Sunday, February 03, 2013

49ers VS Turkeys

We have been having a fair amount of this, 
this year.

  It is beautiful.

And cold. 
Somedays VERY cold!

This morning the sun was shining and it was in the double digits.
A great day for the Superbowl I'm told.
Notice anything else in this photo?

 for some reason these fellas 
didn't want to come down from their roost this morning.

 How the heck does this big a bird,
get that far up a tree and stay there all night?

As you can see they are up there quite a ways.

There was quite a gathering here this morning.
 We lost count around 40 something.
Looks kinda like a Turkey Superbowl gathering.
I think they're rootin for the Ravens.

And now for some other spellbinding news.... 

In January I made two delicious batches of creme brulee.

And consumed copious amounts of homemade yogurt with fresh berries.
I think it will come as no surprise that I lost no weight in January.

And this bad boy has gained quite a bit since I last posted his photo.

(Harley, the chubster, not Charlie- I won't vouch for Chuck's weight status.)


michandler said...

That is a lot of turkeys--and a lot of snow. It does look pretty--the snow that is. I'm envious of the creme brûlée. It is my favorite dessert ever. If it is no the dessert menu no other dessert has a chance. And that is one big cat!!

wallymom said...

That is a lot of turkeys. It is so cold here too. Creme brulee? You have to have something to get you through January

fat celiac said...

Man.. that snow seems unreal from my vantage point.
The turkey up the tree is hilarious. I'm equally interested in how that skinny little branch supports the weight of the turkey. Puzzling.

Harley and Charlie? Someone is a softy and it isn't the cat!

The Desiree said...

That is so weird with the turkeys. I can say I am so very jealous of that snow that is for sure. I am over winter. I don't know about you, but about this time of year I just need the sun.