Thursday, January 17, 2013

What?! 3 Posts in a Week!

I suppose it's a good thing I posted the "messy bun" photo
while I still had hair to do the messy bun.

Got my hair "done" after work last night.
Got me some "shortening" and some "bangs" 
to soften my face...
Not so sure about how I'm gonna like the bangs.
(Man, I have me some chubby cheeks and jowls!)

Interesting where my idea and the hairdresser's idea meet.

The background message sums it up rather nicely.

OK. I'm adding two more
 because apparently I'm as self absorbed as
the teenagers I teach.

This one is so you can kinda see what the hair looks like from behind.
(That and my awesome wrinkly, waddly neck.)

And this one because it is SOOOO the teen pose.
All I need to do is pucker up with the silly ducklips.
I was kinda surprised how good the dry erase board did for the backdrop though.
(Did you note how I cleverly covered the waddles under the scarf?...Yeah, I'm brilliant.)


Anonymous said...

I think I may just be copying that haircut, Aunt Karen! I am chomping at the bit to hack my hair off since I'm in the post baby balding shedding phase and I have about 4 strands of hair left, I just want to hack it off. I love your new 'do!
-Michelle Sheldon

fat celiac said...

So brave.
It looks great! When you wrote "bangs" I was thinking straight cut, little girls, heavy bangs.

The length is about where I keep mine. Anything longer is pointless, weighs too much and just plain gets in the way. As long as I can pull it back I'm happy.

Anyway, I'm wondering what YOU had in mind, as it sounds like what she cut isn't what you were thinking.

It looks purty though.


Miste Chandler said...

Love the glamour shot! And I do like the new haircut. It is a good length and flattering to your face. I kept saying I was going to cut my hair and then decided since it was already quite long I would keep going til it was long enough for locks for love and then get it cut. Yours is inspiring!

The Desiree said...

I love the new hair. Sometimes that just what you need. This time of year when your cooped up, and you need a change, but you can't really do anything, because it's too cold. A new hair cut/style is just the ticket.
I need to follow your example!

jo said...

Love it! That last shot is awesome...that needs to be put on facebook :)

As for your doodles from the prior post...doodles..goodles...those are NOT doodles. Those are pieces of art and I am sooo amazed at what you create!

wallymom said...

I love the hair.

Drew and Alicia said...

I love it!