Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obsessions & Doodles

Have I told you about my latest obsessive/compulsive, avoidance behavior?

No, I am not about to become a hair dresser. 
But, this "fantastic messy bun" is a result of part of it.
It would appear that I have become enamored, 
some (Chuck) might say addicted
to the point of needing an intervention,
to Pinterest.
I know.
It started innocently enough...
I was thrilled to find out I could save images to go along with file locations...
I had been typing out web addresses and sending them to myself
 via email to try and keep track of things for school projects...
NOT a very efficient method.
Then I started to explore.

I learned how to make a messy bun.

That little exploration has led to 8,537 pins to date.
"Perhaps" a bit obsessive...
I have a whole section dedicated to pumpkin recipes...
I call it lesson plan research, dream therapy,

I found out I wasn't the only one who loved to doodle.
In fact there is a whole "official" registered movement dedicated to doodling-
Called Zentangle - or Zendoodle.
Who knew?
Inspired by something I saw/pinned,
I doodled on a pair of shoes.
Some cheap "faux" Toms I got on clearance at Kmart.


Then came some tennies from Target.
Excited I tried color on white tennies (Kmart again.)

 Enthused I told Celiac I would make her a pair for Christmas. 
But due to some fitting issues I went on to canvas bags.

I find it very relaxing to watch tv and doodle.

I can't crochet or knit anymore- stupid arthritis. 

But there is something very relaxing about doodling.

And being able to make something useful and "purty" is rewarding.


It may not surprise you to know that I have also been secretly -
 well not really secretly- 
been addicted to sharpies for years. 

And paper. 
And office supplies...
And I "might" have a nightly ritual of checking on my "sites" on the ipad before I can go to sleep.

 That's about all the obsessions I feel compelled to confess in one post.

I HAVE made my first batch of yogurt!!!

Here is the cooked, chilled and set 1st batch ready to be dripped.

 And look how nicely it held up before I put the squeeze on it.
It tastes "so nummy"
(Jayden's words for the good stuff).
Thanks Celiac for the detailed instructions and encouragement to give it a go.

I meant to post a photo before of Angel's new haircut.

Cute, huh!?!


The Desiree said...

I love your obsessions. I think we all have some of these. I personally am obsessed with miniatures and notebooks of any size, or shape, or color.
Wish I was as talented as you are in the doodling department!
I do love her hair. Makes me nostalgic for my short hair. I am not as thin as she is though and I am now afraid of how I would look with short hair now.

fat celiac said...

Seeing the doodle progression is fun!
The latest bags with letters are super cool, and I'm already a bit jealous.

So glad your first yogurt batch turned out right! It is yummy stuff with good parts for your tummy.

Angels haircut is SO cute! Man... if I could get away with a totally shaved head (which I couldn't) I would.

Pin away!! No judgement here, said the girl with her own set of addictions.

Miste Chandler said...

So your secrets are out. Glad you kept them just to your blog and not Facebook (ha ha). Love the Doodle bags (just a reminder my birthday is coming up in a few short months--already have a Kelsey bag...and we have to bring our own for shopping up here...)Angel's new doo is a keeper. I'm currently trying to grow my for locks for love. I like sharpies too, post-its and little pencils

Kelsey said...

The sharpie and office supply obsession must be genetic. I too have the obsession. And Chloe got shane a pack of sharpies for christmas, so I think she got the gene, too.

wallymom said...

Holy cow, I wish I could Doodle like that! By the way, I also have found some fabulous things on Pinterest.

My Angels said...

I LOVE it!! My girls are here ogling over the bags! I pinned a site that has "zendoodle" pages that you can download for a price. The idea is that you can print the same page over and have different outcome due to the colors you choose. $$$ to be made my zendoodler :)