Saturday, August 17, 2013

Boulder Lake Break

 After looking at our schedules for the summer 
we decided to take advantage of the only three day window we would have together
that wasn't booked and take the "Beast" (aka motorhome) for a jaunt up Wildhorse.

We were able to get the "sweet" camping 
spot by the creek where Celiac and I camped last year.
We got up early and got to the Boulder Lake trailhead right at 7:30. 
This was the view after we forded the creek.
The water was COLD.
 Rather than post all the flower shots together this time, 
I'm going to intersperse them with the trail shots. 

We crossed several bodies of water, some large, 
some medium and some small.
FYI: never step on a wet log.
One "might" fall, 
severely strike the hiker behind with a walking stick,
and bruise a one's tailbone.
Who knew?
I  "should" look up the names of all these flowers. 
Not happening just now.

The trail has a lot of tree coverage and 
follows a creek for quite a ways.

I also "should" remember the name of these.
They are the little Suessical flowers Ann found the name for last year.
All I can remember is the Suessical business because
 they look like something Dr. Suess would have drawn.

After the tree covered sections we came out to this view.

And then onto some really lovely meadows.

There really were a lot of lovely wildflowers that day.

I love these little pink beauties.
Whatever they're called.

After the meadows was the last rocky scramble before the lake.

Love the color of these.

This stretch was dang steep.
Much more than a photo shows.

But, halfway up that last pitch I saw these little cuties right by the water.

First view of the lake.

Purple spikes.
(with Chuck's gams in the background).

View from where we sat to rest.

More of those flowers,
cause I like how they look with the rock.

View looking down from the lake.

These were NOT by the lake.
But, I am posting more photos of flora than scenery.

 So there you have it.

Did I mention we made great time?

I didn't want to stop because when we did,
the mosquitoes would attempt to airlift us off the trail.
And we got to Wildhorse without spray.

FYI: Not a good idea to leave behind the bug spray.

When we got back we just relaxed in the Beast.

I actually started and completed a book.
(In spite of the "lovely" look on my mug, I had a great time.)


The Desiree said...

Looks beautiful. Jason wanted me to tell you that, that is the lake that they always hike into. It was good to see you. Wish we saw you more often!

Miste Chandler said...

How fun. The flowers are amazing which is what I remember about hiking up to that lake years ago. Amazing, beautiful little flowers so high up in the mountains.

wallymom said...

How fun. I haven't been up there since I was little

fat celiac said...

Another quickie summer break. Glad the beast got to spend some time in the pretty spot.

Looks like a lovely day trip in spite of the drought.

wallymom said...

How fun. It looks beautiful. I haven't done that hike since I was a little. I would love to do it again.

jo said...

I love your adventures! You take awesome pics wherever you go!