Saturday, June 01, 2013

Mid - Night Pondering and Random photos of Cuteness...

 Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night 
and find yourself obsessing about something 
over which you have zero control?

Well I had one of those nights this week.
In the process of trying to shut my brain down 
I started to think about making my doodle bags.
 This is one I did for Autumn. 
 I did one for each of the grandkids for Easter.
I thought the colored ones might not show the dirt as much.
But I didn't like how dark the designs looked on them.

So, in my mid - night ponderings I thought
"Hey! What about using spray paint to add color?"

Apparently I had been subconsciously worrying about that since Easter....

 Here's the first spray painted bag attempt I did today. 
I used a couple of little wooden pieces I found as stencils for the light areas.
I think the added paint might even make them a bit more sturdy.
What do you think?

I also went through some of the photos I have taken the last month or so 
and wanted to post a few.
This is my wonderful father in law on his 80th birthday. 
He is one of the kindest, most gentle people on the face of the planet.
He and Shirley are a real blessing in my life.
 LOVE them!
The birthday dinner was at Chuck's sister Melissa's house.
Sarah, their daughter has had chicken's for 4 or 5 years.
And she just got some new baby chicks.
Aren't they cute?
The birds AND Sarah.

I got to go to Kimberly's wedding too.
 Aren't they a cute couple?
Man, she looks like Aleta eh?
 Tyson, Angel, Lincoln and dad came too.
Check out Angel's cool green boots, vintage hat from her aunt 
and Lincoln doing something crazy for the camera.
I know. 
More cuteness.

 And just when you thought things couldn't get any cuter...
Check out the sweet purse Kelsey made me!
It is just the right size to hold wallet and phone.

And what would a post from me be without flowers?

  These are the blossoms from the elderberry bushes/trees that are all over the place right now.
And here are some of the arrowroot balsam, lilac and elderberry blossoms 
I picked on my walk this morning. 
The lilacs smell divine.

I'm SO glad to be out of school and have time to do silly stuff like paint bags,
make blog posts, and pick flowers...
Good times.


The Desiree said...

I just love your bags they are awesome. I'm surprised you don't do them in your sleep!)
Wasn't it Kimberly's wedding not Tia's? I'm not sure...right?
Cute pictures of the family!

Miste Chandler said...

I have those nights periodically but generally nothing creative or even good comes out of mine--just lost sleep. Glad your loss of sleep was more productive. Love love the spray paint. I absolutely LOVE my doodle bag--almost hate to use it. Spencer & I got to to the reception in Colfax. That was fun. Kimberly's new husband seems like a really great kid. Love Angel's hair too. She was definitely rockin a cool look for sure. And words cannot really adequately describe Lincoln--he's always up to something funny--takes after his dad!

My Angels said...

Sorry to hear about the Stress. Hope it has passed and you are sleeping again:) Love the spray paint...Love the Bags period!! Thanks for the wedding pic, she is a Cutie! The purse is Super Dupper Cute, Love the fabric! Daughter like mother, full of talent!!

Drew and Alicia said...

We LOVE our bags!!! And the kids still play with them all of the time especially Ellie.

fat celiac said...

The spray paint is a fabulous addition! Love it.

Thanks for posting the pics of Kimberly too. I have some great shots I need to post that Aleta sent.

All these thing are indeed some cuteness.