Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas...

 Merry Christmas from our house...

 Where we have this really artistic gingerbread house courtesy of Ty, Angel & Lincoln.

And Autumn and Dominik got some fun gifts.

But, Dom didn't get the ipod he asked for from Santa...
At least that is what he thought when all the gifts were unwrapped and none was in sight.

Then Brianne spotted something on the inside of the tree...

 Brianne showed him some of the cool options it had.

He was one happy boy-
reminded me of the Red Rider BB gun found at the end of the unwrapping frenzy.

The rest of the day has been really good. The kids have kept busy.

Karl and Shirley came out for dinner. and were excited about the Pepperideg Farm gift pack.

The rest of us were pretty excited about the once a year chocolate chip pie they brought - yes, those of you who have had it know how addicting that stuff is.

Not to mention the peanut butter pie, cherry pie, and various other sugar laden treats....

Anyway...it's been a beautiful day - cold and clear...

 Harley had a nice little Christmas kibbles 
(this is an old photo, but thought Kels would like it)

The turkeys seemed to have made it through the holiday.

I wish you, peace, joy, and all the sweet treats, 
edible or otherwise that you can stand- 
without any accompanying stomach ache.


michandler said...

Always nice when you get your biggest wish for Christmas. Looks like it was a beautiful day all the way around!

fat celiac said...

That gingerbread house is pretty cool, and your tree looks like it took a bit of work to get so perfect.

(is it plastique? I don't remember)

Glad you survived the sugar and snow so you could make it down here!

crazy lady said...

The gingerbread house is a tradition in Angel's family. Her mom makes amazing batches of it and the house smells like heaven. Then kids, and their spouses and children descend on the house and make masterpieces that are indeed edible= but they're always so beautiful it's a shame to eat them...though I remember Jayden happily munching away on one two(3?)years ago when he came with Jenette in January...This year the assembled them in a house sans electricity...making the icing by hand was not an easy task I hear...Cool tradition. I'm too lazy for that business.